Anal Addict 1

The scene begins with a group of young people gathering in a dimly lit room. They are all naked and eager for anal pleasure. One of them, a tall, muscular man with short blonde hair, stands in the middle of the room. She holds a large vibrator in one hand and a condom in the other. Who's ready to get fucked? he asks in a rough and authoritative voice. All the other men nod eagerly, unable to contain their excitement. They are all eager to enjoy the pleasure of the phallus, but they know they must first prove themselves worthy. The blonde man begins by lubricating the phallus with a thick, sticky gel. He then slowly inserts it into the first man's anus, watching him gasp with pleasure. The vibrator is thick and hard and fills the man's hole perfectly. While the first man takes the vibrator deeper and deeper, the others watch with envy. They all want to experience the pleasure of the vibrator themselves, but know that they have to prove themselves first. Then the blonde man moves on to the next man and inserts the vibrator into his anus with the same care and attention. This man takes the vibrator even deeper than the first and moans with pleasure as the vibrator fills him. The other men watch in admiration as the blonde man continues to fuck them one by one. Everyone takes the vibrator deep and hard, moaning and squirming in pleasure. As the scene comes to an end, the blonde man stands in the middle of the room, the vibrator still in his hand. He looks at the satisfied men with a broad smile. You all did well, he says in a gentle voice. They have all proven themselves worthy of the vibrator. All the men nod, still panting and sweating from their anal pleasure. They know they will never forget this moment and will always be grateful to the blonde man for giving them the pleasure they so desperately wanted. The scene fades to black as the blonde man leaves the room and the men are left to enjoy their memories of the incredible anal sex

Duration: 27:29

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