Dark Desires A Mine Fuck Fantasy

Imagine yourself deep inside a dark and cramped mine, with only your trusty flashlight to guide the way. The cold, damp walls seem to close in on you as you navigate through the long, winding tunnels. Then, you hear the sound of footsteps behind you. You turn around, and to your surprise, you see a group of sexy miners slowly approaching you. They're rugged and rough, with dirty hands and scruffy beards. They're here to help you, but their intentions are anything but pure. They strip away your clothes, revealing your tight, toned body. They take you to a secluded area in the mine and bend you over, spreading your legs wide. You feel their rough fingertips graze your skin as they stroke your clit, leaving you dripping with need. Then, one of them takes a large dildo and forces it inside you, inch by inch. Your moans echo through the empty tunnels as you feel the sensation of his hard, thick cock filling you up. They take turns with their dildos, stretching and filling you up, until you're begging for more. But then, one of them takes out a strap-on and snaps it onto their belt. They blindfold you and take you deeper into the mine, where you hear the sound of water trickling nearby. They strip you naked and make you kneel on the damp, rough ground. They force their strap-on into you, throat deep, and you struggle to breathe. But then, they remove the strap-on and something even harder slides inside you. You feel your legs wobble as a man's cock slowly enter you, inches by inches. He holds your hips steady as he slides deeper, until you feel his balls tick against your ass. Then, he pounds your pussy hard, making you cum over and over again, filling the mine with your sweet sounds of pleasure.

Duration: 18:33

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