Morning Joy

It's dusk and the sun is just rising. The world is still sleeping and you are the only one awake, horny and eager to start the day. Take a walk around your neighborhood, breathe in the fresh morning air, and enjoy the peace and quiet. As you walk, you come across a beautiful young woman sleeping peacefully in her backyard. She's naked and glistening with dew, her breasts and pussy still wet from the night. You can't resist the temptation and decide to wake her up. You walk over to her and gently shake her shoulder. Wake up, beauty. She slowly opens her eyes, still half asleep, and you can see the confusion in her eyes. What time is it? She asks. It's morning, answer. I only had a dream. You notice that she is still naked and you can see the hunger in her eyes. She stands up and starts to walk away, but you grab her arm and pull her back. Don't go, you say, I want to spend the morning with you. He looks at you with a mix of surprise and desire. I don't know, he says, I have to get ready for work. But you won't let her go that easily. You grab her by the waist and pull her closer to you, your lips meeting hers in a passionate kiss. She responds with equal passion, her hands running over your body as you explore each other. You break the kiss and begin to undress her, your hands running over her smooth skin as you remove her clothes. She stands naked and shivering in the cool morning air, but you don't let her go. You take her hand and lead her to your bedroom. As soon as you enter the room, you turn on the lights and the warmth of the room envelopes you both. You lay her on the bed and explore her body. Your hands stroke her breasts and pussy as you feel her hard nipples and wet lips. You grab her hips and start fucking her, your cock sliding into her pussy as you feel her body tighten around you. She moans in pleasure as you fuck her harder and harder

Duration: 11:07

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