Office Nymphomaniac – The Helping Hand

Mandy was a secretary at the local office of Alpha Company, and she was known for being the most helpful person around. Whether it was quickly answering phone calls, typing up reports, or grabbing coffee for her colleagues, Mandy was always ready to lend a hand. However, little did anyone know that Mandy had a secret... she had an insatiable desire for sexual pleasure, and she used her job as a front for her true passion. One day, while typing up a memo, Mandy couldn't help but feel the need for a quick jerk off. Before anyone knew, she was standing naked in front of her computer, handing her phone to her coworker with a picture of her vagina on the screen. From that day on, Mandy became known as the office nymphomaniac, always ready to lend a helping hand... and a little something extra.

Duration: 24:49

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