The Dungeon Of Desire

Buildup to anal intercourse upon a dungeon floor, surrounded by chains and leather cuffs. The submissive anal slut bends over the table, spreads her cheeks, and prepares herself for the hardcore anal pounding from the muscular master. The dom offers a vibrator to add to the pleasure and sanctions her to remain spread apart for maximum stimulation. She pleads for release, but the punishment only grows more intense. Touching and licking the anal folds brings her closer to the edge and paints her pully cheeks with a slick wetness. The dom then pulls the vibrator away and the pain is followed by pleasure, as he adeptly penetrates her tight asshole with his bare fingers. His thick penis inches inside her, filling her up and stretching her open asshole to its limits. As he pulses her clitoris with his free hand, the sub is transported to a world of bliss and pain. She cums hard, her feisty pussy squirting and her wide hips bucking against the hard floor. The dungeon brings her pleasure beyond her wildest imagination.

Duration: 17:32

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