The Lawyer's Wonderful Fees

Renowned attorney Ava Miller is known for her sharp wit and razor-sharp mind, but she's even more famous for her mouth watering rates. One day, Ava takes on the case of a young man who's been charged with a crime he didn't commit. As she discusses the details of the case with her client, Ava's eyes widen with pleasure at the thought of her fee. She knows that she's not only going to win the case, but she's also going to get paid a premium price for her services. As the proceedings move forward, Ava can't help but think about all the ways she's going to enjoy collecting her fees. With every bit of information that comes to light, Ava's resolve to win the case grows stronger. In the end, Ava's client is acquitted and Ava collects her well-deserved payment. As she walks away from the courthouse, Ava can't wait to see what other clients she'll be able to help and what other fees she'll be able to collect. From now on, Ava is not only a successful lawyer, but also a porn queen.

Duration: 21:09

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