The Nurse Part 2

In this episode of The Nurse Part 2, we continue to follow the adventures of a sexy nurse as she goes about her daily life in the hospital. As she walks through the halls, she catches the eye of a handsome patient who can't help but stare at her. He knows he shouldn't control her, but there's nothing he can do about it. As she approaches his room, he can hear the click of her heels on the floor and feels his heart pounding with excitement. When she opens the door, he greets her with a smile and introduces himself. She introduces herself and they start a conversation. As they talk, he notices how beautiful she is. Her tight uniform hugs her curves in all the right places and her long hair falls in soft waves around her shoulders. He feels a movement in his groin and knows he has to do something about it. Suddenly there is a knock on the door and the nurse has to attend to another patient. But before he leaves, he winks and smiles at the patient to let him know he'll be back later. I can not wait. When he returns, he finds the patient unclothed, ready to be examined. But as she approaches the bed, she becomes a little nervous. He knows he should be professional, but he can't help but be a little playful. As he begins to undress, the patient observes his every move, noticing his tight uniform and long hair. He's a little nervous, but can't help but be a little excited. When he can finally put on his underwear, the patient is a little disappointed. He was hoping for something a little more revealing. But when she starts checking him out, he can't help but feel a little aroused. As she checks his vitals and feels his pulse, he can't help but get a little nervous. He knows he should be focused, but he can't help but feel a little distracted by the nurse's beauty. But especially when he thinks about it

Duration: 13:36

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