Tight Rear Adventures The Case Of The Missing Lubricant

When sultry detective, Agent 69, receives a distress call from the legendary Assbuster Mansion, she knows she's in for an anal-venture of a lifetime. Upon arrival, she finds the mansion's residents in a state of flux - their lube has gone missing, and tensions are rising. As Agent 69 investigates each room, she discovers a host of sex-crazed suspects, all with airtight alibis. However, as she probes deeper into the case, she begins to uncover a web of lies, deceit, and depraved desires that could link them all to the lube heist. Will Agent 69 solve the case, find the lube, and restore order to the mansion, or will her own desires lead her down a path of no return?

Duration: 39:42

Views: 14

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